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10 Questions to Ask to Prepare for Your On-Camera Appearance

The more prepared you are for your on camera appearance, the more confident you will be on video. So we will start with obtaining the information you will need to make informed decisions about what to wear.

Below are ten questions to ask to help you prepare for your on-camera appearance.

  1. Where will the filming take place? (Address, including floor, suite #, Room, etc.)

  2. Will the video be shot indoors or outdoors?

  3. Who will be conducting the interview?

  4. How long will the recording / segment be?

  5. Will the video shoot be live or pre-recorded?

  6. What questions / topics will be covered during the video shoot?

  7. Will the video be recorded in front of a green (sometimes blue) screen? (If so, don’t wear green or blue!)

  8. What will the background look like? (Colors, branding, etc.)

  9. Will there be a hairstylist or makeup artist available?

  10. Will I be required to wear a clip-on or lavalier microphone?

The information you will obtain by asking these questions will help you show up prepared.

Prepared is always a great look.

Need help deciding what to wear for your next on-camera appearance? Schedule an On Camera Wardrobe & Jewelry Virtual Consultation.

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