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Wardrobe, Jewelry & Makeup

You have a media interview, presentation, video conference, video shoot or public speaking engagement. What do you wear? How do you present yourself as the credible, professional expert that you are? We can help. 

We offer two services: 

  • 1-Hour Virtual Wardrobe & Jewelry Consultation for $375

  • 1-Hour Virtual Wardrobe & Jewelry Consultation with Stephanie Richards and a 30-minute makeup consultation with Salina Beasley for $450 

During your virtual consultation, you will receive a personal analysis and profile that includes your  best colors to wear on camera. You will shop your own closet and jewelry box to come up with the perfect outfit and accessories to look your best on camera.

We also offer an extended consultation that includes an additional 30-minute makeup session with Salina Beasley, Image Consultant and founder of About Face Studios. During the extended makeup consultation, you will receive a personal color consultation and on-camera makeup tips. 


Book your consultation today to enjoy being on camera.   

When do you want to meet and get started? Fill out the request to book form, and let's get a time on the calendar.

We can't wait to meet you!


Stephanie Richards

Salina Beasley

Salina Beasley 

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$375 for 1-Hour Virtual Wardrobe & Jewelry Consultation 

$450 for 1.5-hour Virtual Wardrobe, Jewelry & Makeup Consultation

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