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Whether you are preparing for an on-camera media interview, business presentation, video conference call, video shoot or public speaking engagement, it is hard to know what looks good on camera. That red blouse looks great in person, but what if it is all wrong on camera? What DO you wear?

The On Camera Fashion Guide ebook will help you not only know what to wear to look great on camera, but it will also help you STAND OUT during your next on-camera moment.

The downloadable digital On Camera Fashion Guide ebook has 60 pages of fashion tips and ideas to look your best on camera, including worksheets to find your best colors and quick start guides for easy reference.


This guide will help you determine:


  • What should I wear on camera?

  • What outfits work with lapel microphones?

  • What color should I wear on camera?

  • What colors look good on camera?

  • Should I wear patterns on camera?

  • How do I choose a flattering style for on camera?

  • What fabrics work best on camera?

  • What jewelry should I wear on camera?

  • How should I wear my hair on camera?

  • What makeup looks best on camera?

  • What shoes should I wear on camera?


On Camera Fashion Guide Ebook

  • The On Camera Fashion ebook is an electronic file in PDF format. The file is 60 pages. The PDF file is 365.1 MB. 

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