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What colors are best to wear on camera?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Sapphire blue sweater
Shaphire Blue

So you have a big presentation, a media interview, a video conference, or a video shoot coming up. What color do you wear? 

Are you tempted to pull out that navy, gray or black suit? Don’t! 

Woman in orange dress.
Be bold with your choice of color on camera.

All eyes will be on YOU. Don’t blend into the background. This is your opportunity to STAND OUT and make a memorable impression. 

So let’s talk about a few bold colors that look great on camera and you can choose the ones that best flatter your skin tone. 

Alternatives to Black 

Great alternatives to black, gray and navy include jewel tones such as burgundy, teal, plum, and sapphire blue. These colors look great on almost every skin tone. 

Be Bold

If you want to make more of a statement, venture into brighter colors such as a rich yellow, deep orange, rich turquoise or muted magenta. Below are bolder color options that still work well on camera.

Woman in bright yellow blouse.
Dandelion yellow

The rules have changed. You do not have to dress in something boring for the sake of not dating a video. The lifespan of a video is much shorter these days. If you are doing your marketing right, you will be in many more videos in the future. So use this opportunity to stand out and be memorable. No one remembers navy.

Woman in jewel-tone print dress.
Jewel tone colors are flattering and stand out.

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