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What NOT to Wear on Your Next Video Call, Presentation or Media Interview

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Do you have a big presentation, a media interview, a video conference, or a video shoot coming up? 

Not sure what to wear? Let’s get a few basic wardrobe no-nos out of the way. 

DON’T create a lot of contrast (i.e. wearing a very dark color if you have very light complexion, and vice versa, or wearing a light shirt with a dark jacket). 

DON’T wear small patterns such as checks, stripes, herringbone, corduroy and houndstooth which create a moiré effect on screen. 

DON’T wear greens to avoid becoming part of the background when shooting in front of a green screen. 

DON’T wear overly textured fabrics that absorb the light, such as velvet or corduroy. 

DON’T wear shiny fabrics, which reflect too much light. 

DON’T wear shiny jewelry or jewelry that has movement, such as dangling earrings or bracelets.

DON’T wear clothing that has lots of movement, such as cowl necks or ruffles. If a video is edited. Cuts are more obvious if your clothing has shifted. Loose clothing can also interfere with microphones. 

DON’T wear all white, which can reflect too much light and throw off the balance of the camera. 

And for heaven’s sake, DON’T all wear black.

This is your opportunity to STAND OUT and make a memorable impression.

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