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Help! What Do I Wear On Camera?

Do you need help knowing what to wear on camera? Join us for the July Prowin Signature Luncheon for a special presentation "Help! What Do I Wear On Camera " by Stephanie Richards.

Whether you are preparing for an on-camera media interview, business presentation, video conference call, video shoot or public speaking engagement, it is hard to know what looks good on camera. That flowy red blouse that looks great in-person is all wrong on camera, but what DO you wear?

In this group wardrobe and jewelry consultation, Stephanie Richards, public relations expert and founder of On Camera Fashion, helps you not only know what to wear to look great on camera, but also helps you STAND OUT during your next on-camera moment. During this engaging and dynamic conversation, you’ll discover how to:

  • Choose a flattering color

  • Choose a flattering fit

  • Avoid on-camera wardrobe no-nos

Wear your best on-camera outfit and jewelry to the event and we will have breakout sessions and group activities to unravel the secrets of how to look your best on camera.

Breakout Room Discussion Topic: What do you want your style to communicate about who you are?

Register here:

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